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Eberhardt Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Wellness Clinic - Shreveport

We are making amazing changes happen in the lives of our neighbors and clients every day. Come be our next SUCCESS STORY !

Our Specialty is Treating Your Pain with Alpha-Stim (tm)

Alpha Stim is FDA Cleared and Patented technology that in skilled hands can be as good or better than most common medicines to treat many painful conditions, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.


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Get to know us...

The Eberhardt "Story"

Our practice was started over 30 years ago with simple but very effective goals:

  1. Seek out the most effective training and treatments for our patients.
  2. Use our expertise to make the results permanent... and lastly
  3. Teach each patient how to help themselves stay well.

    Since its beginning Eberhardt Physical Therapy has helped literally thousands of our friends and neighbors make a better life after illness, pain, surgery or injury recovery.

These goals continue to fuel the passion and progress of our new owners Dr. Greg Redmond, Physical Therapist and Co-owner Dietitian Shelly Redmond

Physical Therapy or Nutrition - No Referral Needed !

The DOCTOR can see you NOW !  
Physical Therapy in our convenient Shreveport Location

Our Physical Therapists, Greg or Garrett are available to see you for your Physical Therapy Consultation.  Our Dietitian, Shelly is here to help see you reach your Nutrition or  Weight loss goals.  

Call or stop in today, we will help with all the details and get you seen on a schedule that works for you !

Of course, if you have seen your doctor, and have a referral, call or bring it in and we will get you scheduled in quickly.

If you could do ONE thing better?

What are you missing out on in life ?

  • Are you feeling left out with options you don't like ?
    • too much pain medicine
    • chronic pain
    • weakness
    • falling
    • joint or back/neck problems
    • foot or heel pain
    • headaches

Too many dead end medical treatments left you frustrated?

STOP !!! COME TALK TO US... these are the STORIES we turn into SUCCESS !

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