Massage Services

What is the difference between Therapeutic Massage and Relaxation Massage ?


Therapeutic Massage: this type of massage is performed to work on reaching specific goals. i.e. increase range of motion, decrease pain or facilitate some functional motion increase such as the ability to reach a shelf overhead. 

Relaxation Massage: this type of massage is performed to reduce stress, improve relaxation of the muscles and body, or to decompress from activities of the day.    

Should a massage be painful ? What should I expect ?


Painful ? No! Not intentionally, but massage may become uncomfortable at times. Communication with your massage therapist is key.

Expect to give feedback and good communication with your massage therapist. Trust your therapist to do whats best for your situation and follow your feedback if its helpful or too painful.

Types of Massage available


We can identify the type or necessary techniques to help you get the best experience ... or if you have a specific type from below:

  • Deep tissue
  • Trigger point
  • Swedish (relaxation)
  • Sports 
  • Post-Operative / Edema
  • Pre-Natal /Post-Natal
  • Cupping

Rates for Services / Packages


You may call the clinic at 318-222-7442 to arrange for your private massage appointment.

Swedish Massage:

70$ / hour session

40$ / half-hour session

Deep Tissue Massage:

(Specific Area focus)

90$ / hour session

45$ / half-hour session

Sports Massage:

70$ / hour session

40$ / half-hour session

Pre-Natal Massage:

70$ / hour session

40$ / half-hour session

Seasonal and Regular Packages Available:

  • Purchase 6 sessions and get 7th one FREE or get 3-month gym membership for FREE
  • Purchase 3 sessions and get 1/2 price off 4th massage or  1 month gym membership for FREE 

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  • Massage therapy is different for each person and may feel slightly different from session to session.

  • Different techniques are used to find the best fit for each client to get the best possible outcome. · If you are a diabetic, on pain medicine, taking blood thinning medication or are dehydrated prior to your massage, please bring this to the attention of your therapist so that we can ensure that your massage experience is safe and effective. 

Question: What do I wear to a massage therapy appointment ? 

Answer: Loose fitting clothing is preferable to allow the therapist to reach the areas of your primary concern.  You can bring your own clothes to change into if you are in different clothes when you arrive.  You may leave your clothes on to cover the area treated during the massage if that is your preference, just ensure that the therapist is aware of your preference before beginning. Your comfort is key.

Question: What is deep tissue massage and does it hurt ? 

Answer: Deep tissue is not deep pressure. Deep tissue is focused work on the deeper layers in the body region. As massage techniques, the therapist works from outer layers of the skin and muscle to deeper layers to the patients comfort/tolerance. It should not hurt to the point of severe pain, although it may become uncomfortable for brief periods. Communicate with your therapist to ensure they understand your tolerance to this type of massage so you can get the best results.