Alpha - Stim Treatment : Q&A

What is Alpha-Stim ?


The Alpha-Stim®  is a small, handheld electrotherapy device that delivers advanced Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) directly to your pain site through an exclusive, patented waveform. The unique waveform uses a highly refined and extensively researched microampere current to provide non-invasive, sustainable pain relief and pain management wherever and whenever you feel discomfort.

How is Alpha-Stim different than TENS treatment ?


TENS works by applying an electrical force that stimulates pain-suppressing nerve fibres against pain-carrying nerve fibres. This is like tapping a painful area with a blunt object. Ice, massage and heat all relieve pain this way. As a result, TENS often gives only temporary relief from pain.

Microcurrent, on the other hand, stimulates the painful area using a similar electrical current as the body’s cellular structure. As a result, the Alpha-Stim delivers current 2,500 times less powerful than TENS, so you hardly feel the current.

It is believed that cells within a specific organ or tissue system communicate at specific frequencies in the microampere range. the cells ‘speak’ to each other through frequencies, and pain interrupts the ability of cells to communicate. It is thought that the Alpha-Stim 100 allows the body to "hear" the correct frequencies again, and go back into balance (homeostasis), a normal, non-pain state — though this is not proven. However the evidence seems to show that the Alpha-Stim can give long-term relief.

What conditions does Alpha-Stim treat SUCCESSFULLY


Combined microcurrent and cranial electrotherapy stimulation treats both acute and chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

We have successfully treated and relieved pain, swelling and spasm quickly for conditions such as:

- plantar fasciitis / heel pain (1-3 treatments)

- low back and neck pain (1-5 treatments)

- TMJ / Jaw pain (2-5 treatments)

- migraine headaches (2-5 treatments)

- tendinitis/bursitis (varies widely)

- Bell's Palsy (early treatment at onset with good results to restore function)

How do you apply Alpha-Stim ?


Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) stimulation can be applied to nearly any body area either with the pen type probes, electrode adhesive pads or thru the earlobes as a form of Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES).  It is best applied by someone well trained in how to get the most effect first and then once applied, the recipient can be trained in the use of home MET or CES treatment should they want to purchase their own unit.  Alpha-Stim is a medical device and does require a prescription to purchase.

Why should you come to Eberhardt Physical Therapy for Alpha-Stim ?


Our founder Terry Eberhardt literally wrote the book on the use of the modern Microcurrent Electrical stimulation in PT practice.  He worked hand in hand with the developers of this technology and brought it into more common use thru his experience treating literally 1000's of patients over his 40+ year career.

You can rest assured that we have been well trained and can apply this amazing treatement to get the best possible results quickly and effectively.  

How can you get supplies for your own Alpha-Stim unit ?


We stock the supplies used regularly in our office including:

electrode pads

replacement wires

conducting solution

probe tip covers