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Dietitian/Nutrition Counseling and Services

 By ‘making your food plan compliment your life, not complicate it,’ highly sought after dietitian, speaker, and spokesperson, Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN, counsels individuals, groups, and families in the Shreveport/ Bossier area on their nutritional needs and goals.Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Weight loss (adults and teens)
  • Family nutritional counseling
  • Meal Planning
  • Cardiovascular Disease (high cholesterol and high blood pressure)
  • Diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (IBS, Chrons)
  • Food allergies and food allergy meal planning
  • Sports nutrition
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Picky eaters
  • Cooking classes and meal prep
  • Grocery shopping tours

What to Expect Your First Two Appointments?

 Our first two appointments are both 60-minute visits. We will discuss your completed initial nutrition assessment form in addition to your individual nutrition goals and challenges. We will start with a general meal plan, education, and personalized goal setting. In your second appointment we will provide you with your personalized meal plan and shopping list as well as discuss continued goal setting for ultimate success. Appointments are made within two to four weeks. 

Why Two Appointments? Why Follow Up Appointments?

 We don’t perfect driving or a golf swing in one session, and the same with our nutrition goals. One can go on a diet, but within a few months, one goes back to ‘how things were.’ Why? Diets don’t embrace your current lifestyle, your family, your work, your hobbies, and your goals. Shelly does not believe in a ‘quick fix,’ she believes in a full lifestyle change embracing food changes with YOUR lifestyle.  These changes occur over a period of time, not in one visit. Shelly is your food friend and will help you incorporate these changes into your life in all our sessions. 

How to Schedule Your Nutrition Appointment?

 Call Shelly at 318.222.7442 OR email her at to request an appointment.We will discuss fees, schedule your first two appointments as well as send you our fee sheet, initial assessment form, and food frequency questionnaire to complete and bring to your first appointment. We ask you arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment 

Group Classes/Cooking School

Is your group looking for a dynamic nutrition program for its next event or meeting? In addition to our speaking services (link to speaking page), Shelly offers the following 30 min or 1 hour group classes/cooking school for your next employee wellness meeting, monthly meeting, and/or club.By ‘bringing individuals back into the kitchen,’ highly sought after dietitian, speaker, and spokesperson, Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN, counsels individuals, groups, and families in the Shreveport /Bossier area on their nutritional needs and goals. 

Shelly can present the following topics to your organization or meeting:

  • Various Cooking Demos
  • Fad Diets
  • Understanding the Nutrition Label
  • Eating in the Fast Food Lane
  • Healthy Restaurant Selections
  • Office ‘Dietary’ Hazards
  • Making the Office Healthy
  • Snacking Smart
  • Navigating the Supermarket
  • Brown Bag Lunches
  • Simple and Healthy Breakfast Ideas
  • Eat Well and Be Fabulous
  • Easy and Healthy Menu Planning
  • Eating Healthy During the Holidays
  • New Year, New You
  • Skinny by Spring
  • Sports Nutrition 101
  • Nutrition in Cancer Prevention
  • Heart Healthy Nutrition
  • Low Sodium Eating

Supermarket Tours

 It’s 4pm and you have no idea what to cook. Your refrigerator and pantry are pretty much empty and after skimming through your trusted cookbooks, you realize you are missing many of the ingredients of your favorite meals. You head out to the local supermarket and walk the aisles, mindlessly putting the ‘same ol, same ol’ into your cart only to arrive home forgetting the one spice for your evening meal.

Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be nice…To know exactly what to purchase on those
hectic days where you need
dinner on the table in 30 minutes?To know the best and healthiest choices
available at the supermarket?To have an exact shopping list to follow
when at the supermarket?If yes… then you should schedule a
supermarket tour with Shelly! From individuals wishing to improve overall health, busy moms, athletes, heart patients, diabetics, and anyone interested in learning how to make the best food selections while saving BOTH time and money, you should schedule a supermarket tour.You will learn how to trim fat, limit cholesterol, control sodium and add fiber…without giving up taste, convenience, or the fun of eating.

Shelly Offers the Following Supermarket Tours:

  • Weight Loss Supermarket Tour
  • Diabetes Supermarket Tour
  • Gluten Free Supermarket Tour
  • Sports Nutrition Supermarket Tour
  • Vegetarian Supermarket Tour
  • General Wellness Supermarket Tour
  • Family Supermarket Tour
  • Kids/Teens Supermarket Tour
  • Couples Supermarket Tour
  • High Cholesterol/High Blood Pressure Supermarket Tour
  • Dorm Supermarket Tour (great for high school seniors and college students)
  • ‘Eating for 1′ Supermarket Tour (great for young adults)

*All the above tours can be individually or group based.What Happens During a Supermarket Tour?The tour includes a short seminar followed by an aisle-by-aisle tour of a supermarket. Aisle by aisle, learn to read labels, discover healthy on-the-go options, and build a shopping list. Supermarket tours are available in Shreveport/Bossier City and are one hour long.At the end of the session, Shelly will provide you with a take-home packet of a detailed shopping list guide and tip sheets on stocking your kitchen and nutrition label reading.Can I Bring My Friends Along?We encourage you and your friends come along for the fun! Group tours are great for work groups, church groups, and any other club/organization. We offer tours for up to groups of 10 individuals.Shelly Conducts Supermarket Tours at the Following Locations:

  • Brookshires
  • Kroger
  • Albertsons
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart
  • Whole Foods

How to Schedule a Supermarket Tour?Call Shelly at 318.426.0987 OR email her at to request an
appointment.We will discuss our fees and send you an initial form to complete.Some insurance plans offer a wellness nutrition benefit that will cover nutrition assessment and education sessions such as this. Please check with your insurer to determine if this service is available. Shelly will be happy to provide a superbill to submit for insurance claims. 

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