"Real" Success in their words

 They say it better than we ever could !  Real clients... better life. 

Success... in their words !

BE OUR.....

Candice P.

“I was referred by my primary care doctor to come to Eberhardt Physical Therapy because I was experiencing numbness in my right hand, Since Ive been coming for therapy I’ve had great improvement. I have no more numbness or pain. I greatly appreciate the staff here at Eberhardt Physical Therapy. I thank Greg and Terry for explaining to me the cause of my numbness and pain. Thanks to the nice receptionist for always helping me with scheduling. Thanks to Aaron for my workouts to build my strength. Thanks to Richard for the best massages Ive ever had. It was a great experience and the staff are so professional and extremely nice.”

Carole P.

“When I first came to for therapy, I was in almost constant pain in my mid- and lower back. At times it was difficult to take a daily walk because pain radiated to my left hip. My posture also got worse as the day wore on. Now, after six weeks of therapy, I’m only in pain now and then, can walk more upright, and just feel so much better. I plan to continue with the wellness program.”

Marian P.

“My experience with Eberhardt Physical Therapy was the best I’ve had. On my first day of physical therapy, I talked to Greg Redmond, DPT and he made me feel that they really care for their patients and will do the best they can to help me be able to feel good again. I started feeling a difference in my second session, I had more energy and did not have much pain in my neck and arm”….. “I would recommend this place to everyone that’s in pain and needs Physical Therapy. They really care for their patients.”


Tammy C.

“I feel greatly improved. I no longer have disabling headaches… i’m able to move my head side-to-side with no pain. Treatment was great for me and would recommend to anyone with pain.”

Frances C.

“Service has been commendable. In addition to inspiring me to be more physically active, it has helped me apply therapeutic movement independently”

Jeff T.

“Terry has worked on me on and off for some 30 years. He can fix anything – a real expert in his field. After about 3 weeks and alpha-stim treatments, my left side muscles are ready for my normal exercise workouts. I’m sure that I will be back for the next rehab (whatever that may be).”

Richard D.

“This has been an amazing journey with Terry and all the staff here. The transformation of this body has been more than I could have imagined. I have made great gains in physical function and also in my outlook on life as a whole. I thank you all for your caring attention and help in getting me where I am today ! I will sing your praises to all I know and will not hesitate to recommend your services.”

Rodney P.

“I was well pleased with this whole staff, they were very concerned with helping me feel better and get better with the problems I had. They are a great group of people. You can’t help but falling in love with them. I thank God for them being a part of my recovery.”

Success Story

Robert N.

“When I came in I have moderate to severe pain. Over the period of therapy the pain gradually went away. I appreciate the courtesy and professional way each person caring for me assisted in my recovery. I now have “zero” pain.”

Amy R.

“When I first got injured I was in so much pain and my ankle was so swollen that I could hardly move. Once I started coming here I could see and feel a noticeable difference after every treatment. With the help of everyone here, I’m finally back to 100%. Thank you so much to everyone for all your help and for being so nice to work with.”

Edwardene J.

I've learned how important therapy is to my well being.  Regular exercise relieves my pain and prevents it in some cases.  My daily tasks have improved and increased greatly during my therapy.  The environment at Eberhardt is family friendly from Sarah at the front desk, to Leah, Greg and Terry for my therapy.  Sam was a great massage therapist and they are a team who will take good care of you.