We can see you at HOME !


The Need is Growing !

Traditional delivery of services "required" the patient come to the therapy center.... but frequently this was just not possible or medically safe.  With insurance often providing a different set of benefits under Outpatient versus Traditional Home Health Benefit, you can compare what you want/need along with our recommendations and get the best fit for you.

"House Calls" PT and OT at Home versus (Home Health Therapy)

Our unique "House Calls" Physical or Occupational Therapy at Home Program can often take over or sometimes even take the place of "traditional" Home Health Agency provided Therapy.  There are times when PT and OT is ALL you really need, and if that is the case... give us a call, we will discuss your options.

Experience counts...

Our Therapy Team has over 30 years of experience providing the same high quality of care at home under "traditional" home health, but we are now able to be flexible and provide services at home without the extra steps necessary to maintain services under the rules of traditional Home Health Care.  

"The Catch"

You cannot be under an active Home Health Nursing or Therapy plan of care to start In Home Therapy.   If you don't require the services of the Home Health Agency, then contact us and we will discuss whether the "House Calls"  PT and OT Program is a good fit for you !

How can I ask my Doctor about this ?

If you would normally ask to try physical therapy in a clinic setting, you can ask your doctor for a referral to the clinic, and we can discuss whether treatment in the clinic or at home would be a better fit for you ... we can answer any questions you or your doctor might have and get started on your road to SUCCESS !

How does this benefit me ?

With "House Calls" PT and OT at Home program... you could receive services at Eberhardt Physical Therapy Clinic or at Home... or even a combination of Clinic and In-Home Treatments.  It's whatever works best for you.   We often see clients at home...and as they improve we recommend trying some clinic based treatments to see how they feel after progressing to a better ability.  If someone is struggling in the clinic setting, we can often transition them to home with only a scheduling change to start seeing some of our In Home Therapists. It's all about whatever setting works best for the client.  You come first !